Sunday Church Services


This is a traditional Anglican Prayer Book service which celebrates Holy Communion most Sundays.  At this service you will find a friendly atmosphere and a welcoming congregation. Together, we sing hymns accompanied by piano and a choir, read the Bible, hear God’s Word faithfully taught and spend time in reflection and prayer. Everyone is encouraged to remain after the service for morning tea and fellowship.



This is a contemporary Anglican service which caters for families and children, though everyone is welcome. At this service you will find a contemporary style of worship, with modern music, a kid’s talk, Bible reading, faithful teaching from God’s Word, time for prayer and the Lord’s Supper celebrated on the first and third Sunday of the month. At the conclusion of the service everyone is welcome to hang around for morning-tea where we can get to know each other, offer encouragement and support and build the RAFT community.

Children and Youth can learn from the Bible in a fun, interactive and relevant way during their own programs, which take place during the sermon: Hummingbirds for kids 3-5 years, Kingfishers for grades 1-6, and RAFT Charged for youth in high-school. We also have a parent’s room where you can care for any babies and children under the age of 3, whilst still participating in the service.

5th Sunday of the month only – 10:00am COMBINED SERVICE

Every month that includes a fifth Sunday we take the opportunity to bring the entire RAFT community together for a combined worship service.

This service is therefore a hybrid of our two regular services, incorporating elements of both services, in order to cater to the widest number of worshipers.

We value this opportunity to build fellowship across our congregations and we invite you to join us.


Weekly Church Prayer Meeting

Every 4th Tuesday, 8-8:45pm in the Bartholomew’s Room we pray for the RAFT community, our services and programs, our mission partners, our nation and the world. Everyone from the RAFT community is welcome to join us.

Mid-week Fellowship

The mid-week fellowship meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10:30am in the Andrews Room for a time of fellowship, reflection, prayer, and Holy Communion. Church members and members of the wider community are welcome to participate.

RAFT Prayer Emails

On a regular basis, prayer emails are sent out to a group of faithful intercessors within the RAFT community. If you would appreciate ongoing prayer support for whatever reason, please contact us with details of your prayer request so you may be included in the next prayer email.