Hilton Jordan

Hilton is the senior pastor-teacher of RAFT Anglican Church. Hilton completed his Bachelor of Theology through George Whitefield College (South Africa) and his Licentiate in Theology through North West University (South Africa). He was ordained in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne in 2008.

Hilton became a Christian by God’s grace, through his mother’s discipling, when he put his faith in Jesus as his Saviour at a very young age. As a teenager, through the Holy Spirit’s convicting work, he then recommitted his life to Jesus, accepting Jesus as his Lord. Hilton is so grateful that the Lord’s mercy is new every morning, and his faithfulness is great.

Before taking up pastoral ministry Hilton was a secondary school English teacher and a school counsellor.

Hilton is married with three children, and a foster child, and dreams of having free time.

Hilton loves spending time with his family, drinking coffee, listening to music, and being the most ill-informed Bombers supporter (he’s really into rugby union and the Melbourne Rebels).

Kyle Hosken

Kyle works part-time as the Assistant Minister in RAFT Anglican Church. He serves the whole church, with a special focus on parents of young families.

Kyle was raised in a Christian household, though it wasn’t until he joined the Christian Union club during his undergraduate degree, that he heard the gospel with fresh ears and trusted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

Kyle loves how there is always something new and exciting to appreciate about Jesus, and he is passionate about helping others see the joy and satisfaction that comes from following Jesus.

Kyle studied as an industrial designer, and designed off-road camper trailers, before pursuing a call to full-time, paid ministry. After completing a ministry apprenticeship, and a Master of Divinity at Ridley College, Kyle began working in Anglican churches.

Kyle is married to Ruby and they have 2 daughters. He loves quality time with his family, bike riding, listening to podcasts, and watching his favourite TV show, Top Gear!

Elijah O’Connell

Elijah completed his Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2020 and has been a part of the RAFT Youth Group leadership team since 2017.

Elijah became a Christian at a young age, his mother fostering and encouraging his relationship with God through regular church attendance and teaching. This continued until Elijah was old enough to confirm his own faith and began leading his own life with Jesus. Elijah strives to live according to God’s word, growing in his love of God.

Outside of his church roles, Elijah has worked in bakeries, cafes, and is also currently employed in a shopkeeping role at Kmart.

In his free time, Elijah loves going for drives around Australia, watching movies and TV shows, and playing video games with friends.

Lee Trollope

Lee has been the Office Administrator and Facilities Coordinator since May 2016, having been a member of RAFT Anglican Church for over 44 years. Admin at RAFT is always interesting with something different happening every day.

Lee grew up in a loving Christian family and, at a Christian youth camp, through God’s leading she personally committed to follow Jesus, accepting Him as her Saviour. There have been times when Jesus has not been central to her life, but by God’s grace, God did not give up on her. God drew her back and Lee is now grateful for the peace and security she has in the love of Jesus, by his death and resurrection.

Lee started her working life as a Legal Secretary and returned to work, after having four wonderful children, to work in the office of a small factory in Dandenong.

Lee enjoys time with grandchildren and family, going to the gym, walking the 1,000 steps, as well as doing craft and co-leading Mainly Music.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge has been the Assistant Office Administrator and Facilities Coordinator since July 2021.

Lisa gave her life to the Lord 10 years ago and has been part of RAFT Anglican Church since 2020.

She has spent most of her work life in administration, which she really enjoys.

She is married to Kevin and has two daughters, Emily and Lauren.

In her spare time Lisa loves tackling 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, craft, and spending time with her family.